Your guide to tattoo healing using Four Tattoo Care

What stages of healing will my tattoo go through?

Your tattoo will go through a variety of stages to heal fully.

  • When your tattoo is first finished there will be redness, swelling and weeping of a cloudy plasma fluid. This can last for around a week or so.
  • The scab will begin to form by the end of the first week and as it flakes, it may feel really itchy. You must avoid scratching during this time because if the scab comes away too early it may take some of the pigment out or cause scarring.
  • By weeks two, three and four your tattoos may begin to peel. This is simply the protective layer coming away revealing new skin and your fresh tattoo. Don’t panic, your tattoo won’t peel away with it.
  • The final stage of scab is what is known as silver skin. It is a fine, papery layer of scab which often makes the tattoo look chalky and dull for a few days before revealing the healed tattoo.
  • Continued use of aftercare for the months following the tattoo will keep the vibrancy and look after your skin.

Which tattoos take longer to heal?

Healing time can vary depending on the location of the tattoo, intricacy of the work and just on the differences of healing in each person. For example, if you have a tattoo in an area of high movement such as the bend of your arm, or wrist, then it will be constantly irritated. Tattoos with more detailed work and colour density will also take longer. Some people simply take longer than others to heal and that is normal as well.

How long will my tattoo take to heal?

Healing times can depend on many factors. Diet, lifestyle, health and medication can all contribute. One factor of slower healing, is age. The older we get the longer we take to heal from any wound including tattoos. Collagen and elastin growth slows with age, regenerating new cells more slowly which are essential to healing well.

At around age 20 we heal within a month, at age 30-40 this doubles to two months, then at age 50+ it can take up to three months to heal. This includes the inner tissue layers as well as the outer. Everyone has very differing skin and how it reacts to particular ingredients which is why it’s important to choose the correct care for the best outcome.

Don’t pick your scabs!

Removing your scab before it’s ready to come away can cause scarring. Pulling off a scab can also remove the pigment, making the tattoo heal patchy. When the tattoo reaches the itchy stage it is important not to scratch as this can substantially affect the outcome of your artwork. Use Four Tattoo Care to moisturise and calm the itch.

When should I start using my Four Tattoo Care?

We recommend for best results to start using your care two days after your tattoo has been completed. Allowing your body to begin the healing process gives the opportunity for swelling to subside and your body to do what it naturally does best. By starting two days in, it brings to the skin the nutrients needed at the right time to hydrate the new forming cells and calm the scab formation. Although we do not want to stop the tattoo from scabbing entirely, reducing the thickness will significantly assist in healing time and keeping the pigment where it should be. We recommend using a very small amount of balm once or twice a day throughout healing and once per day once healed.

How long should I use my Four Tattoo Care?

When the tattoo is new, you should use your Four Care very thinly once or twice per day until fully healed. To keep your tattoos looking fresh and hydrated, you can continue to use Four Care daily. It is mild enough to use as part of your skincare routine and will help your tattoos stay bright through our all natural anti fade system.

The longer you use Four Care after healing, the more beautiful your tattooed skin will remain.

How do I know which balm is best for me?

Each of our balms are tailored to suit the area of the body and your personal skin type. If you are unsure of which care you may need then read through our handy guide (link) or contact our specialists on

What makes Four Care the best to use for my tattoos?

Four Tattoo Care has been specially formulated from years of experience in the tattoo and skin care industry. It is the first to offer tailored care for the differing needs of the skin across the body and because each balm is completely natural and cruelty free, you know that only the best nutrients will be reaching those deeper dermal layers.

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