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Customer testimonials

“I use this aftercare for my permanent cosmetics clients and they adore it as much as I do.”


“My skin has been so dry and sore I was worried about my tattoos. Nothing worked until I tried this. Recommended 110%.”


“Even after a few days of using the balm I’m noticing a difference. My dry areas feel relieved already.”


“A speedy and comfortable tattoo heal. I can’t recommend this highly enough!”


“I am extremely sensitive and Four actually soothed my dry, tattooed skin. I highly recommend.”

Helen – Tattoo artist

“My older tattoos haven’t looked this fresh in years.”


Everyone’s skin varies in nutritional needs from one area to the next. What would work well for the face can be completely different to what is required for a leg tattoo to stay healthy. Having more targeted tattoo aftercare means healthier skin and beautiful tattoos. We have formulated four separate balms to help balance your unique skin type: mature, oily, dry and sensitive. These are the skin types most in need of assistance when having a tattoo, so each are packed with natural vitamins and boosters specifically targeted to feed the skin.

Sensitive is recommended for those who are sensitive to harsh chemicals and preservatives. Suitable for daily use across the body.

Four Mature is recommended for those over 50, needing an extra boost for healing, helping cell regeneration and hydration for beautiful tattooed skin.

Dry skin tends to be legs, arms and hands but Four Dry is suitable for anywhere on the body needing an extra moisture boost.

Four Oily is best for face, neck, shoulders and back areas. Oily skin tends to be found more often in younger people, and male skin more than female. This balm is also recommended for permanent cosmetics.

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Top tips for healthy skin.

Keeping your tattoos looking amazing is all down to taking care of your skin, and not just during healing. Although it is critical to look after your healing tattoo, the weeks and months following are equally as important for keeping them looking their best. Diet, lifestyle and topical treatments all play a part in beautiful skin and long lasting tattoos. Read more to learn how to keep your skin healthy and looking gorgeous.

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