From over a decade of experience in tattoo artistry and skin care comes the first in tailored tattoo products. Four balms are formulated for skin types in need of particular nourishment prior to tattoo treatments, because we understand that each area of the body is not the same. It is important to know that what goes into your skin is going to be healthy, not harmful, so we ensure all natural and vegan friendly ingredients in our balm, there are no chemicals or preservatives. Even our pots are environmentally sensitive using sustainable bamboo and reusable glass. It’s not aftercare, it’s simply care.

4 Skin types, 4 products

Sensitive skin needs to avoid chemicals and preservatives. Four Sensitive with Lavender is all natural, mild to skin, and calming for tattoos.

Mature skin needs extra hydration and cell regeneration for faster healing. Four Mature with Geranium gives your skin a helping hand with moisturising properties, encouraging the new growth of collagen.

Dry skin needs an extra hydration boost and natural calming of angry and itchy tattoos. Four Dry uses the hydrating properties of Frankincense to give your skin the moisture it needs.

Oily skin type needs essential fatty acids and Vitamin C to regulate sebum production. Four Oily with Lemon is perfect, with extra added vitamins to reduce excessive oils and retain pigment in the skin.

Testimonials from our customers

“A speedy and comfortable tattoo heal. I can’t recommend this highly enough!”


“My tattoo healed beautifully and my skin feels great.”


“My older tattoos haven’t looked this fresh in years.”


“I love it! The aftercare products are amazing, it smells fabulous and goes onto the skin nicely. It makes my skin so soft.”


“Having an aftercare specific to my skin has made all the difference to my tattoos.”


“I use this aftercare for my permanent cosmetics clients and they adore it as much as I do.”


Our products

Four dry (click on the picture to read more)

Four Dry is infused with Frankincense obtained from one of the five main Boswellia trees (Olibanum) in Yemen. It has been used for hundreds of years topically and orally for antibacterial, moisturising, pain relief and blood circulation properties. With the addition of Allantoin, extracted from the root of the Comfrey plant, this balm soothes and protects leaving the skin feeling like silk.

Four Mature is recommended for those over 50 years of age. The skin becomes more delicate as we age and needs a helping hand with healing. The luxurious scent of Geranium is not only cooling and calming but is also designed with potent cellular regeneration properties with the added healing benefits of vitamin B5. The skin begins to get more dry as we mature, so the highly moisturising oils give back to thirsty skin.

Four mature (click on the picture to read more)
Four oily (click on the picture to read more)

Four Oily is made with natural Lemon (Citrus Limonum), teaming with the Vitamin C required to regulate more oily areas, having been used over the years for reducing dark patches in the skin. Vitamin C is a necessity for the growth, repair and development of all body tissues including collagen. Coupled with complimenting all natural ingredients, this balm is perfect for your tattoos, new and old, gently maintaining the natural balance of your skin.

Four Sensitive has the mild assistance of Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) which is a flowering plant of the mint family. It has been known for its many beneficial features including antibacterial, anti inflammatory and calming properties. This balm is completely natural, using only five ingredients, it is gentle and kind to sensitive skin.

Four Sensitive (click on the picture to read more)

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