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Mature skin can be very delicate to tattoo, with increased risks of pigment migration and slower healing. Four Tattoo Care Mature is designed with potent cellular regeneration properties and the wonderful healing benefits of vitamin B5. The luxurious scent of Geranium also gives a cooling and calming effect on the skin helping to prevent any colour changes from the heat.


For mature skin 30ml

At age 20 we heal within one month, at around age 30 to 40 it doubles to two months, at 50+ it becomes three months healing time. The skin tends to become more dry and elasticity relaxes. With the aid of the right vitamins and moisturising properties, tattooed skin can benefit with hydration and nourishment and would be suitable to use on any tattooed area of the body.


  • Moisturising
  • Stimulates cell regeneration
  • Cooling and calming


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